How Intergamma, with the help of EDM, uses Google Store Sales Measurement to achieve higher ROAS


With the ambition to become the largest omnichannel DIY retailer in the Benelux, it was crucial for Intergamma to measure the effect of digital media on online and offline sales. Through the partnership with EDM and Google, Intergamma is able to measure the effect of Google Ads and increase Return On Advertising Spend.

The Challenge

With more than 400 DIY stores and the ambition to become the top omnichannel retailer in the Benelux, it was crucial for Intergamma to get a holistic view of the effect digital media had on its online and offline sales. This was important because the majority of its sales happen in-store, and some of its key products are not often bought online. Looking at online sales results did not provide a sufficient business case to advertise more actively on these categories. To evaluate the impact of Google Ads, it implemented store sales measurement.


The Approach

Intergamma was already making the most of store visits for insights, but it was looking for a solution that aligned more closely with its business objective (sales) and would provide more insights on a category level. By using store sales measurement, it was able to attribute customer engagements with Google media to in-store purchases. 

Partnering with EDM

After a manual test upload, Intergamma worked with data partner EDM to fully automate the upload process and also enable ongoing optimisations of the data.


The Results

The results differed significantly per country, brand, and category, which provided meaningful insights to Intergamma. The total ROAS was 11x higher when including store sales vs. when only looking at online sales. Additionally, 81% of store visits resulted in an in-store sale. Because of these strong results, Intergamma plans to integrate these stores sales data points into its Smart Bidding strategies and has incorporated local inventory ads into its digital strategy.
Laurens Miedema - CMO at GAMMA:
”Google’s store sales solution gives us more business guidance on what categories and channels we can further invest in to drive total sales.”

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