CRM onboarding

Distinguish existing customers on Marktplaats, Google,
Facebook, and Instagram and create even more effective campaigns.

Advertize cookie-less and still reach customers and prospects

You want to use your online advertising budget as efficiently as possible, and you prefer not to reach existing customers with the message to become a new customer. This is a waste of the budget and can also cause consumer irritation. In short: make sure to prevent that.

With CRM onboarding by EDM, it is possible to recognize your customers on platforms such as Marktplaats, Google, Facebook, and Instagram, all without using third-party cookies. Ideal for excluding or reaching out to existing customers and reaching look-a-likes; all GDPR-proof!


Focused target groups

You want to use acquisition campaigns as focused as possible, so that the costs per new customer are as low as possible. That is why you naturally do not want to reach existing customers, because that is a waste of the advertising budget.

With CRM onboarding, it is possible to recognize customers one-on-one within Marktplaats, Google, Facebook, and Instagram. By excluding them from your campaigns, you prevent irritation among existing customers, your target group is even more focused, and the costs are lower.


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