EDM offers a suitable solution for every organisation. These are some example of our industry-dedicated solutions.


In the automotive industry EDM stands out with its AutomotiveBase. All the data you will ever need about car owners in the Netherlands in one database, to be used for sales, pre-sales and MOT promotions. In addition, we help our clients in the automotive industry to find the answer to questions like: 'Who are my clients and where can I find them?', 'What is the catchment area of my dealers?' and 'What is the structure of that catchment area in terms of customers and target group potential?'


EDM has teamed up with a large number of charities. For the recruitment of new sponsors, charity organisations often use direct mail (DM). Using a forecasting model it is determined which consumers are the most similar to sponsors who were recruited earlier via this channel. They are therefore more likely to respond, which will increase the ROI of the campaign.


For telemarketing businesses, EDM can reach a large number of Dutch households and/or consumers. Through validation and enrichment solutions you will reach more consumers. EDM is convinced that telemarketing as a direct dialogue with the customer offers a great many opportunities. Especially in combination with good data, smart call scripts and the use of other communication channels.


Online segmentation is a great solution for the e-commerce industry. Based on data collected when someone visits a website, more relevant content can be shown to this person. EDM Digital Solutions allow you to dynamically personalise your website.


Examples of challenges in retail (FMCG and e-tail) are: establishing the domicile, having more customer data available, measuring performances and the promotion of customer loyalty. EDM offers profound profile data of every household. This information, if possible combined with your own data, will give you the insights and handles you need for your effective marketing. For more information about our retail-directed solution, we offer you a number of whitepapers.


Customer retention but also attracting new customers is a permanent challenge in the energy sector. Good data quality and a 360⁰ customer picture are a good starting point when setting up a recruitment or retention campaign.


Many financial service providers have large amounts of customer data. As a marketing intelligence organisation EDM has years of experience in unlocking and analysing huge databases and transforming data into usable and insightful marketing information. Insurers, (international) banks and financial agents can use this to better serve their existing customers and approach prospective target groups more specifically.


Attracting new lottery participants, retaining current ones and selling more tickets are daily challenges for lottery organisations. EDM helps this industry with the smart use of direct mail, telemarketing, inserts and online channels.

Market research

EDM offers market research companies solutions in the field of data enrichment, validation and segmentation. One-stop shopping! For market researchers, we can: enrich addresses, validate and enrich phone numbers, and select sample files, to give just a few examples.


For publishing houses, sound marketing database management is essential. Your subscriber database is immensely valuable, as it can create a central customer picture, which can in turn be used for the retention of subscribers and reaching prospective new subscribers.

Real Estate

Questions in the real estate industry especially concern: what should I be building and who should I be building it for? And once you know who you are building for, there are further questions, like: where can I find my target group, what do they look like and how can I reach them? With our detailed consumer information, we can help you find an answer to these questions. Insight into (future) local removal streams and the profile of the people moving will help you determine what your target group(s) is/are and what their potential is.

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