Customer insight

Customer insight

Customer insight offers marketing managers, custom intelligence managers and marketers tools for their decision-making. If you know your client, target group and market you can fully gear your offer and message towards the needs of your (prospective) customers. This results in a higher conversion on marketing campaigns, and both the recruitment and development and retention will benefit.

Better marketing and sales decisions start with the right insights. EDM offers you these insights by analysing your customer data using advanced statistical analysis and datamining techniques.

Your value client data is often limited to address and transaction details. This gives you a limited picture. To get a 360-degree picture of your customers, that is as complete as possible, you can use the GeoMarkt profile consumer information.



GeoMarktprofiel (geo market profile) stands for profile information about Dutch households, postcode or markets. For this, EDM uses its large-scale lifestyle research and public and private data sources. You will get sociodemographic, lifestyle, psychographic and geographic information on all your (prospective) customers. You can use your consumer information for forecasting models, customer profiles, selections and segmentations. If you have a complete customer picture, you can better gear your activities towards your customers.

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Studio is EDM's database marketing solution that can be used for all the design, data quality and management aspects of your marketing database. As a result, your ICT department will not have to deal with this, and you will be able to go live within a matter of weeks.

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Project analysis

EDM has a team of specialised marketing intelligence experts. They will process and incorporate your (customer) data into concrete ingredients for all your marketing activities. Examples are: insight into profiles and segments, forecasts and (geographic) visualisations.

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