Innovative technologies allow EDM to recognize web traffic (website visitors) down to a home address. This way, we can link the offline data from EDM GeoMarktprofiel to online traffic, customers and prospects. Applications for this include the real-time personalisation of web pages based on the visitor’s profile, reaching highly specific target groups, selected on the basis of characteristics from the GeoMarktprofiel database, via email and online display. The placement of a measurement pixel for profiling web traffic based on actual characteristics is another possibility for gaining insight into who is interested in your online content and offers.


Who is your actual target group? The EDM Profiler is able to chart online visitors, segmented and per online page/object, and to establish the corresponding online and offline profiles. 

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EDM allows you to roll out and optimize your multichannel campaigns. With the unique combination of online and offline data, you can always reach your desired target group through multiple channels. We can optimize the campaigns you designed and roll them out from start to finish, if you so desire, with the option to do this in close cooperation with your current communication partners.

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