Optimal conversions by reaching

the most relevant audiences.

More response and better conversions by reaching the right target group.

Relevance is the key to success when it comes to data-driven marketing campaigns, to make sure consumers and/or companies that are genuinely interested in the proposition or product are reached. EDM helps organizations to create insights into existing customer groups, which can then be used to find potential customers within The Netherlands.

Step 1: target group analysis

An analysis of historical data and data from current customers forms the basis. EDM also looks at what has responded well in the past, through which channels, and who the respondents were. The result is a target audience profile and information about channel preferences.

Step 2: goals and target groups

With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer market, EDM can define achievable goals for every desired channel (DM, TM, Inserting, E-mail marketing, and Online).

EDM has access to extensive consumer and business databases. From describing sociodemographic target group characteristics to developing advanced look-a-like models (gain charts). The results and quality are paramount!

Step 3: response analysis

Because several factors contribute to the success of a campaign, it is necessary to analyze its results. In addition to providing a lot of knowledge in advance, our challenge lies in making attractive and reliable agreements and creating new test options to improve results repeatedly.

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