Data Quality

We ensure that you come into contact with
and remain relevant to customers.

In the netherlands, no two days are similar and customer information changes accordingly

Insufficient insights into events such as marriages, divorces, births, or deaths can have major consequences for the business. Maintaining the customer database is a prerequisite to be able to stay in touch with customers and approach them correctly. With maintained and correct customer data, customers are reached efficiently, regarded correctly, and provided with a relevant and appropriate message. 

Reach your customers

The more than 1 million relocations per year affect the data and accessibility of customers. With the address service, we focus on correct and up-to-date customer contact details. Basically, it is quickly but carefully checked whether the address details are correct, whether the customer still resides at this address, and whether there has been a death. The customer information is provided with an accessibility indication (“yes” or “no) so that, among other things, incorrectly sent mailings are prevented. For organizations that desire complete control of customer contact details and detailed customer information, the comprehensive address service is the perfect solution.

Reaching customers by phone is a stumbling block for many. With the help of the number service, telephone numbers are validated securely and in accordance with the legislation. What remains is correct information so that you immediately reach the right person and as a result save time and money.

Insights into major events, such as the death of customers, ensure that the service can be adjusted in time and this prevents unnecessary suffering for the next of kin. However, for organizations with larger customer databases, it can be a challenge to maintain this overview. With the deceased service, all deceased customers are marked in the customer database and provided with additional information such as the date of death.

Identifying customers

Are your customer who they says they are? To minimize business risks, such as fraud, it is important to know who you are doing business with. With the identity check, we improve and monitor the customer acceptance process by validating customer data in real-time. Entering incorrect data, such as the address of an empty building, is now a thing of the past. This check supports and contributes to compliance, the Customer Due Diligence Policy, and the Know Your Customer processes.

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