Customer Acquisition

Make an impact with your campaigns by reaching the right audiences through the most optimal channels.

The need to acquire new customers is timeless; it existed 20 years ago, it is present now, and will still be there in 20 years. Data has been the common denominator throughout the years. Acquiring customers is one thing, but the challenge often lies in completing a business case: achieving the desired number of new customers within the set budget.

The landscape is constantly changing: tightened regulations, changing consumer needs and restrictions within marketing channels demand ultimate effort to achieve goals. Yet, together with our clients, we demonstrate that the possibilities are still endless.


  • Acquisition costs for a new customer are too high
  • Conversion rates from our channels are declining
  • The number of new customers is too low
  • We want to generate more leads
  • Who is our customer and where can we find lookalikes?
  • I want to connect with my target audience across multiple channels
  • I want to improve the measurability of my campaigns
  • I want to optimize the performance of my channels
  • My leads are not scoring well enough



Our analysts identify your customer based on 150+ segmentation characteristics. The most predictive characteristics form the basis for the next step: which consumers match this profile but are not yet customers? We identify this group within the channels you already use and make them reachable within (new) marketing channels.

If it is not possible to create a model of your customer database, we use standardized target group profiles to still improve your results.

More leads: Activation of relevant and additional channels provide more leads from a campaign.

More customers: Reach more prospects with increased interest through better segmentation.

More sales: Increasing sales through cross- and upsell advice.

Higher campaign ROI: Reduce waste, improve the quality of and maximize your own database.

Cost savings: Lower costs per sale through more effective use of marketing budget and allocating conversion opportunities per lead based on analyses.



After defining your target audience based on CRM data, we know where to find lookalikes. We make them reachable for marketing purposes through various GDPR-compliant channels. Choose offline channels such as direct mail and inserting. Or put these marketing selections within online channels such as display, search, and video. However, a multichannel approach, in particular, leads to a proven conversion boost and fits within almost any business case.

Would you like to activate more channels based on CRM data, such as inserting, telemarketing, door-to-door, outdoor, or addressable TV? We provide target audience advice, help you with an acquisition plan and can even execute it for you if desired.



Without realizing it, you may be sitting on a goldmine, but you're not always sure how to make use of it. You often already have a lot of data in your database, such as data from ex-customers or prospects, whom you haven't been able to reach before. We help make this data reachable and keep it that way.



Based on the created customer profile, we grade leads. With higher scores for strong matches and lower scores for lesser-qualified matches, you prioritize leads more effectively and determine which channel you follow up which lead. Using our APIs, you can set up these processes in real-time in the way that works best for you.