How HEMA, with the help of EDM, uses Google Store Sales to evaluate the impact of Google Ads on store sales


In order to achieve omnichannel goals, Hema uses several innovative solutions. Through collaboration with EDM and Google, HEMA is able to make the impact of Google ads measurable and attributable to store sales

The challenge

HEMA is a Dutch department store with a customer base of omnichannel shoppers. With more than 750 stores and the ambition to offer the best omnichannel experience, it was essential for HEMA to obtain a holistic view of both online and offline sales.


The approach

HEMA was already leveraging innovative approaches to meet their omnichannel goals, including implementing local strategies with Local Inventory Ads and increasing footfall with Google's store visit solution. By activating store sales across their campaigns, HEMA was able to take the next step in their omnichannel journey, enabling them to attribute customer engagements with Google media to in-store purchases.

Partnering with EDM

HEMA worked with data partner EDM (CRM Integration onboarder) to onboard their data, unlocking an easy implementation of store sales as well as ongoing support. This fully automated process not only allowed for advanced measurement opportunities but also enabled ongoing optimisations.


The results

HEMA can now quantify the impact of their customers' Google media clicks on in-store revenue. HEMA saw a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 16.7:1, which means that for every 1 euro invested online, 16.7 euros were generated offline. Because of this holistic measurement the omnichannel ROAS is 167% higher than when considering the online alone.

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