For over 25 years, EDM has been working with databases from renowned partners and customers. Working with and exchanging data and personal information obviously requires monitoring and compliance with all current legal rules and codes of conduct regarding privacy and security.

Privacy and security have been important to EDM for years. EDM works strictly in accordance with the Dutch and European legislation on the protection of personal data. The processing of personal data has been reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority under number 1285521. EDM holds the ‘Gold’ DDMA privacy guarantee.

EDM only makes data available to customers who are active in the EU and must comply with the local (Dutch) and European legislation. This ensures that personal data is protected by the Local (Dutch) and European rules and regulations.

The rights of consumers are guaranteed in the organization of EDM. EDM will always honor requests for the removal of personal data or access to the origin of data. EDM’s Privacy Officer always answers such questions as quickly as possible.

EDM’s Privacy Officer can be contacted by e-mail at:

Secure environment

In the context of Privacy and Security, EDM does not send or receive any data by e-mail. EDM always uses a secure online transfer environment.

EDM employees can create an account for you immediately, after which a username and password are provided to you via various channels. Thank you for your co-operation in maintaining the privacy of you and our data.


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As part of The Data Agency, EDM is ISO 27001-certified by Brand Compliance and operates an up-to-date information security policy in accordance with the ISO 27001 security standard.

The Data Agency’s security measures include:

  • Access control and authorisation of employees. All employees must make a code of conduct declaration and are obliged to maintain confidentiality
  • Own secure server centre in the Netherlands
  • Use of processor agreements
  • In-house Privacy Officer for questions from consumers and structural consultation with and advice from the in-house Data Protection Officer
  • Use of a secure environment for secure exchange of files

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