The data agency sends its traditional end-of-year donation to reinaerde de ster

23 Dec 2020

For five consecutive years now, the Reinaerde De Ster children’s centre has received an end-of-year donation from The Data Agency. Thanks to previous donations, the playroom was renovated considerably. This year, there will be a new piece of play equipment – the ball wall. This will increase the interaction with the children and challenge them mentally as well as physically in surprising ways. The foundation is supported by donations in making improvements to become more fun for the vulnerable target group.

The ball wall – a pleasant surprise for the children, great support for the foundation

The ball wall is a special wall with a forest theme. Kids can insert a ball in a lighted tube in one of the planters and the ball is then sucked up and ends up in a barrel under the ceiling after passing through another tube. By pressing a button, the barrel opens slowly and the balls roll back down. It’s a pleasant surprise for the children and great support for the foundation.

From business gifts to donations to charitable causes

In 2015, the management of The Data Agency took the initiative to convert the annual amount normally spent on business gifts into a donation to a good cause or foundation. Colleagues were asked to make suggestions for this. Bas Verhaegh, senior product manager and legal manager, whose daughter attends the children’s centre, emerged as the winner. Since then, every year donations are made and volunteer days organised. Due to the current situation, there will be no volunteer day in 2021, but our donation helps Reinaerde De Ster take a nice step towards making the playroom fully interactive.

Marije de Werf, co-ordinating supervisor at Reinaerde De Ster, said: “It’s very nice that The Data Agency has again chosen to give us a donation so we can integrate this feature in our playroom. We’re also receiving help in starting other projects, such as the website. These are challenges that we as carers always struggle with. How can we ensure that we’re seen as a good cause that puts us in the spotlight? The Data Agency has really helped us with this. We’ve also noticed that this offers an opening for other initiatives. In this way, we can bring different worlds together, and I’m extremely grateful.”

Support despite a challenging year

Bas Verhaegh is also touched that his employer is donating again: “This has been a peculiar year for everyone. Business-wise, many organisations have had to be creative. But if you look at healthcare, there have been much bigger challenges there. Care is overloaded and there’s a shortage of specialists for this group of children. That’s why it’s extra important that there are companies that help, so that kids can enjoy an environment where they can relax and feel safe. That’s the most important thing for these kids – peace, regularity and structure. And that’s very difficult when they suddenly return to their parents’ home, as we’ve experienced this year, and for me too personally. That’s why I think it’s an even bigger deal that The Data Agency is helping yet again.”

About Reinaerde De Ster

Reinaerde De Ster supports people with mental or physical disabilities in their development integrated into society. From a local perspective, it offers services based on everyone’s strengths, ranging from short-term mentoring to long-term care and treatment. The services provided by Reinaerde De Ster are tailored to every stage of life – children, young people, adults and the elderly. For example, it offers daytime activities to children and adults, as well as to people with non-congenital brain damage. Would you like to know more about the Reinaerde De Ster children’s centre or learn how you can donate? Visit Reinaerde de Ster for more information.