Blog: health insurance
switchers - who are they
and how can you reach them?

The new year, 2024, is fast approaching. This means that in the coming period, consumers will be assessing whether their health insurance still meets their needs. For you as a health insurance provider, it is crucial to focus on reaching potential new customers during this time and, at the same time, ensuring that current customers do not switch.


Currently, the annual rate of health insurance switchers is approximately 6.5% (source:, which translates to nearly 1 million Dutch individuals (aged 18 and older, with their own health insurance). These switch-sensitive consumers have various reasons for changing their health insurance. EDM analysts have analyzed the profiles of these switchers based on more than 150 segmentation characteristics, such as age, family status, income, and internet usage. This analysis has led to the identification of a target audience known as "health insurance switchers" which can be easily utilized for campaigns. If you're looking for consumers who resemble the profile of your current customers, there's no problem – our analysts can create a custom look-alike model for you.


Attracting health insurance switchers requires focused marketing and recruitment campaigns. We recommend the following approaches to effectively reach this target audience:

Direct Mail (DM): This remains a powerful channel to approach potential switchers. Through DM, you can send personalised offers to the right audience, whether they are health insurance switchers or look-alikes of your current customers. The high level of attention, combined with the right message at the right time, leads to successful health insurance campaigns year after year.

Custom Audiences as a Booster for DM Campaigns: To make the DM campaign even more impactful, we can activate the DM selection one-on-one within online platforms like Marktplaats and DPG. They have obtained consumer consent for retargeting in this manner, which boosts the results of your DM campaign. This approach is entirely cookieless and GDPR compliant. In general, it is possible to reach up to 80% of a DM audience through these platforms.

Customer Retention

In addition to attracting new customers, retaining existing customers is just as important. Consider campaigns targeted at your current customer database to increase customer loyalty and prevent them from switching. Alternatively, you can use these campaigns to win back former customers. We can assist by improving outdated data, adding new addresses for consumers who are no longer reachable at the provided address, or identifying individuals who have passed away to avoid uncomfortable situations in your campaign. You can then use this up-to-date data selection for both DM and/or online campaigns, all within the Google platform. As a customer match partner, EDM helps you include or exclude existing customers in display, search, and video campaigns. Excluding your customers saves a significant amount of waste – and thus costs – and ensures that consumer irritation is minimized. After all, nobody wants an offer to become a customer when they are already your customer.

In short, with the right insights and tactics, you can establish a strong position in the competitive world of health insurance and activate campaigns targeting the right audience in no time. If you would like to have a non-obligated conversation about this, please feel free to contact us.