Customer Match

Differentiate existing customers on Marktplaats, Google,
Facebook and Instagram and make campaigns even more effective.

Recognize and reach (potential) customers in online advertising, by matching first-party data with IDs


You want to use your online advertising budget as efficiently as possible. You would rather not reach existing customers with the message to become a customer. This is a waste of the budget and can possibly lead to irritation among consumers. In addition, you want to be able to recognize customers on your website, even if they are not logged in. And if you are going to acquire new customers, you want the targeting audiences to be selected as sharply as possible based on the characteristics of your existing customers; so-called look-a-like targeting.

EDM makes all this possible by applying 'Customer Match'. As trusted third party, EDM bridges the gap between your customer database and the IDs of all major online platforms such as Google, Roularta, DPG media, 2dehands, Facebook, and Instagram in one central place. This is one of the main alternatives to third-party cookie targeting. Ideal for excluding or reaching existing customers. In addition, it also offers you the option to target look-a-likes. And by using your first-party data that is hashed and matched with data from platforms on which consent has been obtained, it's GDPR-proof too!


Google: certified partner in the Benelux

Most of the online marketing budget generally goes to Google. By matching your customer data with Google IDs (consumers with a Google account), you are able to exclude existing customers from search, video and display campaigns. Google offers this possibility with Customer Match. EDM is a certified partner of Google and helps companies to realize this match. As a trusted third party, we also ensure that only customer IDs that match with Google IDs are shared within the Google audience managers, so that no unnecessary data is shared.

In addition, the match rates we achieve for customers are many times higher than when the advertiser applies Customer Match directly with Google. Thanks to the intelligent matching algorithms – based on our data quality services – we are able to achieve matching percentages between 80 and 100%, where this percentage often only reaches 30% when the advertiser matches directly with Google. This has a huge impact on the advertising spend and ensures serious cost savings at high volumes, but also look-a-like algorithms within Google advertising become much sharper, because they are now based on the characteristics of the customers from the advertiser's database, and much less on modeled features. The higher the match on CRM data, the sharper the algorithm.


One Customer Match partner for every available platform

Not only are we able to apply Customer Match to the Google advertising services, but we do this for all available platforms in the market. In Belgium, these are currently DPG Media, Roularta, 2dehands, Facebook and Instagram. EDM creates one central place for advertisers who can use it to include or exclude first-party data for campaigns across all these platforms. With this we unburden the advertiser; it does not have to share its data with all these platforms and uses EDM as a trusted partner. We take care of matching and sharing the audiences with these platforms and due to our matching routines, we achieve in most cases 2 to 3 times higher match rates then the advertiser itself. With this we offer a proposition that unburdens, provides certainty and trust, and always results in a positive business case for the advertiser.

The alternative for third party cookie targeting 

Customer Match is a very important alternative to targeting in a cookieless world. Especially when match rates reach 80-100%. As the market leader in first-party data optimization, EDM achieves the highest possible match rate between your CRM database and the ID databases of all available advertising platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. More and more companies are using our services and are making a significant impact on their ROAS (return on advertising spend).

Check out the case of funeral insurer Dela, who saved more than € 100,000 by limiting waste in targeting by excluding existing customers from online advertising, using Customer Match via EDM.

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